Free Wills Month: May 2014

The Law Office of Kimberly D. Moss is proud to announce that we are participating in Capacity Marketing for Charities’ Free Wills Month during the month of May 2014. In an effort to spread the word about making charitable contributions while preparing your estate plan, we are offering simple wills at no cost to you from May 1st through May 31st.

free wills monthYou read that right. You get a simple will for $0.00 during the month of May. The only limitation to this promotion is that you must be age 55 or older. If you’re part of a couple, only one of you has to be 55 to qualify. There’s no obligation to leave a bequest to a charity, but you’re more than welcome to leave something of value to a great cause. Wills are ordinarily written with family and loved ones in mind, but they can also be used as a great way to give back to the community. Join us in raising awareness for the good that comes from every day people contributing to the less fortunate. Make your appointment today at (713) 574-8626. You’ll be glad you did!

















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