Understanding Oil and Gas Royalty Payments in Texas

If you are a resident of Houston, it is likely that you might have mineral deposits under the land you own. If you do, you might need to employ the services of an oil and gas royalties lawyer in Houston, to make sure that land and any mineral or oil deposits under it that you own are processed in the right way. If you get an offer to sell or lease the rights to mineral deposits under your land, or if you want to sell it off and want to protect your rights, The Law Office of Kimberly D. Moss has just the right oil and gas lawyers to help you cut a deal that protects your interests and offer good rewards.

We at The Law Office of Kimberly D. Moss understand that all landowners should get paid for oil and gas royalties if they own mineral-rich land. We give you expert advice on oil royalties and gas royalties and help you formulate a legal dead that guarantees you oil and gas royalty payments seamlessly, without you having to make compromises. Our team comprises of only the best Houston oil and gas lawyers, and you can use our services when –

  • You get an offer to lease out the mineral deposits under land you own, or
  • You want to sell land with mineral deposits and want to retain ownership of the mineral deposits.

In both cases, our experts can be a great help. If you have had an offer, an experienced Texas oil and gas royalties lawyer will help you make a deal that is rewarding for you and does not compromise on your property. If you want to sell land, you can receive sound legal knowledge and advice from one of our Sugar Land oil and gas royalties lawyers before deciding your course of action.